Goals & Ethics

The objectives of the Florida Anthropological Society are:

1. To provide a formal means by which individuals interested in anthropological and archaeological studies in the State of Florida and related areas may come together for mutual benefits;

2. To promote the continuing study of the peoples of Florida from ancient times to the present;

3. To establish and promulgate to its members and to the general public, rules of conduct, a code of ethics, and standards of quality to govern anthropological work;

4. To effect harmony and cooperation between the amateur and professional anthropologist and archaeologist so that the work of all will permanently enrich our knowledge of human history;

5. To bring to the attention of the general public and of appropriate governmental agencies the need for preservation of archaeological and historical sites within the State of Florida as well as for recording of the ways of life of extant groups in Florida and related areas;

6. To disseminate information on anthropology and archaeology and in particular the work of Society members through periodic, regularly scheduled meetings of the Society, through a program of publications by the Society, and through such special events and other activities as the Society may consider proper to further its objectives;

7. To assist in establishing archaeological museums through contributions or gifts of materials or money;

8. To encourage the scientific collection, preservation, classification, study, and publication of ethnological materials and archaeological remains; and

9. To initiate and maintain appropriate By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations in the best interests of all its members.

Membership in the Society is open to all interested individuals who are willing to abide by the FAS Statement of Ethical Responsibilities.