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Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Lecture Series 

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Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 Lecture Series

SEPT 8, 2015 – “Dear Friends at Home”: Accounts of a Union Soldier in Pensacola. Tristan Harrenstein, UWF Graduate.

OCT 13, 2015 – Into Darkness: The Archaeology and Use of Caves in Florida. Gregg Harding, UWF Graduate Student & FPAN Public Archaeology Intern.

NOV 10, 2015 – Bricks on the Blackwater: Archaeology in Public Education at the Scott Site. Jess Hendrix, UWF Graduate Student.

DEC 8, 2015 – Blackwater Past: The Start of a Maritime Heritage Trail. Ben Wells, UWF Graduate Student.

JAN 12, 2016 – Colonial and Early American Water Management in Downtown Pensacola. Dr. Elizabeth Benchley, UWF Archaeology Institute.

FEB 9, 2016 – A French Huguenot Colony in British West Florida: The Tragedy at Campbell Town. Jennifer Knutson, UWF Graduate Student.

MAR 8, 2016 – UWF Field Schools: Summer 2015 Recap – Summer 2016 Preview: USS Massachusetts, San Pablo, and Blackwater River wrecks – Dr. John Bratten; UWF Campus historic sites and Natural Bridge Battlefield – Dr. Ramie Gougeon; Mission San Joseph de Escambe – Dr. John Worth; Arcadia Mill – Adrianne Sams.

APR 12, 2016* PAS Annual Dinner – *ticket required, dinner included*. Recent Developments in the Investigation of Luna’s 1559 Fleet. Dr. Greg Cook, UWF Department of Anthropology.

Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 Lecture Series

SEPT 9, 2014 – Draglines and Bunkhouses: The Archaeological Remains of Northwest Florida’s Cypress Logging Industry; Rebecca Booker-Demonbreun, UWF Graduate Student

OCT 14, 2014 – The Evolution of Underwater Archaeology in Madagascar and the Serapis Project; Norine Carroll, UWF Archaeology Institute

NOV 4, 2014 (note 1st Tuesday date!) – Prelude to a Portrait: The Search for Maria Belle; Margo Stringfield, UWF Archaeology Institute

DEC 9, 2014 – Illegal Cargoes and Hot Pursuits: Rum-running along the Gulf Coast; Wayne Abrahamson, UWF Dept of HistoryJAN 13, 2015 – The Rediscovery of City of Tampa, a 19th-Century Single-Screw Steamer; Andrew Derlikowski, UWF Graduate Student

FEB 10, 2015 – Living and Dying at Gabii: A Bioarchaeological Look at the Roman Suburbs (10th c BC to 3rd c AD); Dr Kristina Killgrove, UWF Dept of Anthropology

MAR 10, 2015 – UWF Field Schools: Summer 2014 Recap – Summer 2015 Preview: Emanuel Point II, USS Mass, Escambia River, & Blackwater River – Dr John Bratten; UWF Campus, Keyser Homestead, & Marianna Missions – Dr Ramie Gougeon; Mission San Joseph de Escambe – Dr John Worth; Arcadia Mill – Adrianne Sams

APR 14, 2015* PAS Annual Dinner – *ticket required, dinner included*. Vampires and the Bioarchaeology of the Undead; Dr Lesley Gregoricka, University of South Alabama

Fall 2013 – Spring 2014 Lecture Series

SEPT 10, 2013 – A Fine Wreck in Shallow Water: The Soldier Key Wreck. Allen Wilson, UWF Graduate Student and PAS Student Award Recipient.

OCT 8, 2013 – Garden Archaeology in the Colonial Fort of Pensacola: 2012 Excavations at the Governor’s Garden. April Holmes, UWF Archaeology Institute.

NOV 13, 2013 – A Journey Along the Pathway of Souls: The Native American Cosmos. (Note: Wednesday date!) Cindy Sommerkamp, UWF Archaeology Institute.

DEC 10, 2013 – Talking Smack: The Sailing Vessels of Pensacola’s Fishing Industry. Nicole Bucchino, FPAN NW Outreach Coordinator and UWF Graduate Student.

JAN 14, 2014 – Molino Mills: The Maritime Cultural Landscape of a Reconstruction-Era Sawmill in Molino, Florida. Joe Grinnan, SEARCH Dive Safety Officer/Maritime Archaeologist.

FEB 11, 2014 – Spanish Frontiers: A Study of Social and Economic Exchange Networks Present in 18th Century Spanish Missions. Danielle Dadiego, UWF Graduate Student.

MAR 11, 2014 – UWF Field Schools: Summer 2013 Recap – Summer 2014 Preview. Emanuel Point II, Escambia River, and Blackwater River by Dr John Bratten. UWF Campus Survey and Garcon Point by Dr Ramie Gougeon

APR 8, 2014 – PAS Annual Dinner – ticket required, dinner included. Prehistoric Underwater Archaeology in Florida. Dr James Dunbar, BAR Senior Archaeologist (retired).