In order to keep our members and the public safe, PAS is meeting virtually on Zoom! Meetings take place at 7:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month and the meeting links are available on our website, Facebook, via email, and in the newsletter. We hope that you will join us!

NOTE: If you are unable to attend a membership meeting, you can request a copy of the recording by emailing The release of the recording is subject to approval by the speaker. The recordings are not meant for further distribution and all individuals should follow the FAS/PAS goals and ethics found here.

The PAS Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month via Zoom, prior to the membership meeting, at 5 p.m. Members are welcome to attend these planning meetings and if you would like to do so, please email Meghan Mumford at and we she forward you our board meeting link.

The Zoom platform is very user friendly and can be downloaded onto your computer or you can simply attend through your internet browser. The following link and information can help get you set up and ready to enjoy our PAS meetings right in your own home!

NOTE- If you have multiple Zoom accounts e. g. UWF and personal accounts or multiple personal accounts, be sure that you are signed in to the Zoom account that corresponds to the email that you used to register for the PAS Zoom meeting.

“Joining a Meeting” – Zoom Tutorial:

2020-2021 SPEAKER LIST:

September 8- “Scorched Sawmills: Impacts of a Confederate Raid on the Lumber Industry” – Brianna Patterson, Recent UWF Historical Archaeology Master’s graduate

October 13- “Cemeteries as Classrooms: Promoting Community Engagement through Archaeology Education”- Rachel Hines, Recent UWF Historical Archaeology Master’s graduate

November 10- “Ropa, Herramientas, ya Armas: Comparison of the Material Assemblages of 16th Century Spanish Probate Records to the Artifact Assemblages at the Luna Settlement Site and the Emanuel Point I Shipwreck”- Casey Bleuel, UWF Historical Archaeology Graduate Student

December 8- “The Trials of Viola Edwards: A Window into the 1920s”- Warren Carruth, UWF Archaeology Institute Staff

January 12- “Pensacola Area in 1821: History and Archaeology”- Dr. Elizabeth Benchley, Director of the UWF Archaeology Institute

February 9- “Pensacola’s Early American Jails: History and Archaeology”- Meghan Mumford, UWF Archaeology Institute Collections Manager and Archaeologist

March 9- UWF Field School recap and upcoming Summer 2021- Dr. John Worth, Dr. John Bratten, and Dr. Ramie Gougeon

April 13- Deborah Mullins will present her research on the Second Spanish period and the Gonzales family

May 11- Jennifer Melcher, Faculty Research Associate, UWF Archaeology Institute will discuss St. Michael’s and other local cemeteries


June 8- Carrie Williams Hannah, Cultural Resources Manager, NAS will discuss NAS forts of 1821

July 13- Dr. Brian Rucker, Pensacola State College, will present local and regional history of 1821

August 10- Margo Stringfield, UWF Archaeology Institute Staff, will discuss her research on the people of Pensacola in 1821


PAS is extending the lecture series through August in celebration of Escambia County’s 200th anniversary! Check back for more details and links for upcoming meetings!


In the future, we hope to return to our meeting space in the Choir Room at Trinity Presbyterian Church located at 3400 Bayou Boulevard